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13 Suitable Veil Colors For Brown Skin

For hijabers, determining the color of the veil that is suitable for brown skin is not easy. Choose the wrong color, it actually makes the face look dull. You don’t want special moments in the month of Ramadan to be less than okay because you chose the wrong color for the headscarf, right?

Before knowing the color of the hijab that is suitable for dark skin, you should first identify its characteristics. The characteristic of this skin color is that it is tanned with a slightly pale hue, so it is not too dark. Well, then you know too undertones what are you, so that the color of the headscarf matches the color of the skin.

There are two ways you can determine your undertone;

1. See the color of the pulse on the wrist when in the sun. Warm undertones will have green undertones and cool undertones will have purplish undertones. So, if your pulse color is between these two colors, that means you have a neutral undertone.

2. Take a look at the change in skin color while in the hot sun. If your skin tends to turn reddish, that means you have cool undertones. Meanwhile, a darker skin tone means you have warm undertones.

After knowing undertones yours, you will find it easier to adjust the color of the veil to your skin tone. So, this is the color of the veil that is suitable for brown skin.

1. Grey.

Caucasian woman wearing a gray hijab.
Neutral colors like gray are perfect for cool undertones. (Photo:

This is one of the neutral colors that can be a veil color that is suitable for brown skin. A warm gray hue can give a calm impression to your hijab look. This color is also suitable for brown skin who has undertones cold.

For a relaxed look, you can wear a gray pashmina option with a light color top.

2. Teal Blue.

Arab women wear a teal blue pashmina.
The blue veil is suitable for brown skin. (Photo:

The next veil color for brown skin is teal blue. This blue derivative with a slightly darker hue is suitable for you with brown skin undertones cold.

Choose a simple hijab model with comfortable hijab materials, such as cotton voal or Parisian hijab for your everyday style.

3. Nude Chocolate.

The hijab influencer from England has dark skin, Sumayaali, with a nude brown hijab
(Photo: Instagram/everything.sumii)

The colors derived from brown like a calm nude are perfect for those of you who have tan skin undertones warm. This color tone is on the same level as tanned brown skin tone, so it can make your facial skin look brighter and cleaner.

For the choice of hijab model, try wearing a headscarf naked made from ceruty Simple and comfortable to wear everyday.

Editor’s Tip: Make sure you choose a color innerhijab which matches the color of the hijab. Vote too innerhijab with cool ingredients and absorbs sweat so as not to cause hair problems, such as itchy heads, limp, or dandruff

Washing your hair regularly using the right hijab shampoo can also be a solution to prevent this. You can try Sunsilk Hijab Refresh & Anti-Dandruff Shampoo which contains peppermint, fig, and micellar ice.

This shampoo will provide protection from dandruff with an instant cold and fresh sensation.

4. Hazelnut color.

Caucasian/Arabic women wear simple pashmina hazelnut brown.

Apart from nude brown, the hijab color that is suitable for brown skin is hazelnut color. This brown derivative can give the impression of a bright face on brown skin.

5. Emerald Green.

Caucasian women wear emerald green hijabs.
The emerald green hijab is suitable to be combined with a neutral color outfit. (Photo:

Brown skin does tend to match dark colors. If you want to wear a green veil, choose a green color with a dark hue, such as emerald green or bottle green.

The color of the veil, which is suitable for brown skin, can also create an elegant hijab look. Owner undertones cold is also really suitable for wearing an emerald green hijab combined with outfits neutral colors, such as black or white.

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6. Olive Green.

Asian women wear olive green hijabs.
Choose a calm olive green color pashmina. (Photo:

In addition to the emerald green color, the owner of tanned skin with undertones Warm is also very suitable to wear an olive green hood. Color touch earth tones This can give the impression of a brighter face and fresh.

In order not to seem ‘dim’, choose a top color that looks clean like white. Combine with green pashmina olives with a trendy blouse top.

7. Black.

Caucasian women wearing black hijab.
The black hijab makes brown skin look glowing. (Photo:

Black is one of the safest neutral colors to wear for all skin tones, including brown skin of all types undertones. Besides being able to give a brightening effect on facial skin, black can also create the illusion of a thinner face.

You can look elegant and classy by choosing a black pashmina that matches the color outfits. Black on black really cool too!

Editor’s Tip: Wearing a dark colored hijab might make your head temperature hotter. You will also sweat faster, causing itchy scalp problems, dandruff and hair loss.

If you really like wearing dark headscarves, make sure you also use a hijab shampoo that can solve your hair problems, such as CLEAR Hijab Pure Anti Dandruff + Hair Loss Treatment.

Equipped with technology cooling gel and triple anti dandruff technology, this shampoo soothes the head and effectively treats dandruff. Not only that, the content of fresh rose extract and Habbatus Sauda in it can stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

8. Ivory/Ivory White.

Caucasian women wear ivory white hijabs.
Facial skin automatically brightens if you wear an ivory hijab. (Photo:

Compared to the white color that contrasts with brown skin color, color ivory or ivory white can be an option. This neutral color gives the owner an anti-dull appearance undertones neutral.

To get look the monochrome chic, mix color hijab ivory with an equivalent outfits color earth tone, like chocolate or taupe.

9. Maroon red.

Muslim woman with brown skin and maroon hijab
(Photo: Ben Harad)

A dark maroon red color can be a hijab color that is suitable for brown skin. Compared to bright red, this color can actually give the impression of a more radiant facial skin.

To make it more optimal, wear a maroon hijab with a matching colored outfit. Maroon red is also suitable for those of you who have undertones warm, you know!

10.Pink Blush.

Asian woman wearing a pink blush pashmina hijab.
Look sweet and feminine wearing a pink blush hijab. (Photo:

If you want to look feminine, choose pink! A soft pink derivative, like pink blush can create the impression of a face that looks fresh for owners of brown skin with undertones cold.

Wear a pashmina style headscarf ceruty contemporary combined with outfits light colored. For inspiration for casual pashmina models for everyday style, watch the full video below.

All Things Hair YouTube Videos

11. Bright Pink.

Arab woman in light pink headscarf.
The bright pink hijab makes the face look radiant. (Photo:

For those of you who want to appear more eye catching, try to choose a bright pink veil. Apart from pink blushit turns out that bright pink is also a veil color that is suitable for tanned skin undertones warm and neutral.

You can choose a rectangular hijab with a simple model. Like to be the center of attention? Pair with outfits Which matching!

12. Corals.

woman with brown skin and coral hijab
(Photo: Veiled Collection)

Orange is the new black! Yes, orange derivatives such as coral are also suitable for owners of brown skin tones. This combination of orange with a hint of pink is perfect for undertones warm.

This color is also a pastel color that is suitable for brown skin. Don’t hesitate to wear this coral color hijab match so that your face is far from being dull.

13. Purple Plums.

African woman with dark skin and plum hijab
(Photo: Modessa)

The color of the veil that is suitable for the last brown skin is purple plum. This color is slightly darker than maroon. Owner undertones cold can wear a purple plum hijab combined with outfits the same color or earth tones.

So, do you know the choice of veil color that is suitable for brown skin? Get ready to perform without looking dull!

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