How to store coconut milk left over with ice, stay fresh even without a refrigerator

YouTube/DAPURE NYONG – Coconut milk is generally added to dishes to produce savory flavors such as curry and lodeh. But not only that, coconut milk is also often used as a mixture of fresh drinks, you know. For example for grass jelly ice, cendol ice, red bean ice, and many others.

The savory and creamy taste that is typical of coconut milk can make the drink even more delicious. Plus fresh ice, can make drinks even fresher. No wonder coconut milk is often chosen as a thirst quencher.

To make coconut milk drinks in large quantities, usually some people will immediately mix coconut milk with ice cubes. That way the coconut milk will be fresher and more practical to use. This method is also often used by mobile ice traders.

Mixing coconut milk with ice cubes is indeed more practical. But this can cause problems of its own. Because coconut milk is an ingredient that easily spoils in a matter of hours.

Therefore, this coconut milk mixture must be used up immediately. If not, coconut milk must be stored properly. Not without reason, coconut milk that has been mixed with ice cubes can easily melt and make the taste and quality decrease.

Luckily, a grass jelly ice seller named DAPURE NYONG once shared how to store leftover coconut milk through his personal YouTube. In DAPURE NYONG’s YouTube uploads, he admits that the mixture of coconut milk and ice cubes is left over from sales that don’t run out. Therefore, he needs to store it so that it stays fresh and can be resold.


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