The trick to boiling a banana heart so that it doesn’t turn black and bitter, just add one kitchen ingredient

YouTube/yudi’s kitchen РBanana flower or ontong is one part of the banana tree that is often consumed. This section is usually processed into a delicious vegetable menu. For example, cooked with coconut milk, saut̩ed, halibut, or simply boiled and then eaten with pecel sauce.

Banana heart is known for its delicious taste. After cooking, the texture tends to be soft and tender. It is very suitable to be eaten as a complement to a heavy meal menu.

But before it’s ready to be cooked with various spices, you have to know how to process unripe banana heart. Generally, this banana heart must be boiled first. Apart from making it more mature, this boiling also aims to remove the sap in the banana flower.

At first glance, boiling a banana heart does seem easy. But who would have thought, many people would actually find that the results of the banana blossom actually turned black after boiling. This can indeed be caused by the sap that comes out of the banana heart when it is sliced.

Basically, this problem can be avoided, you know. There is a simple trick when boiling banana blossoms so they don’t turn black. In addition, it also tastes better and is not bitter.

This trick was shared by a netizen named Yudi via the Yudi Kitchen YouTube channel. Through one of the uploaded videos, he explains what things affect the appearance of banana blossoms after boiling.


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